Hawaii’s Best Places to Live for Surfers

Hawaii is known as the place where surfing was born and no wonder it is endowed with some of the most unsurpassed venues to catch the surf. The large assortment of beaches offers an array of conditions suitable enough for the novice as well as professionals. Some of Hawaii’s best places to live for surfers are listed below.

Hawaii’s Best Places to Live for Surfers in Oahu

Laniakea, Oahu: If a big wave is what you are looking for then Laniakea is the place to be. Located on the north shore of Oahu, it is also known for its sea turtles. With currents strong enough to almost bare the reef, the spot is valued by surfers as much as turtle watchers.
Places to rent nearby include beachfront, luxury villas, Laniakea apartments at Waikiki, or independent single family homes.

Bonzai Beach

Also referred to as Banzai Pipeline or just the “Pipe” is another well-known surfing location. However beware, that unless you are an expert surfer, just go there to watch! The scenic beach will leave you in awe for hours at a time. So come with a cozy picnic blanket, tasty snacks and food, and lot to drink, because it will be a fun time to watch the experts do their thing.


hawaii-best-live-surf-real-estateWas originally named Kalehuawehe. The name was changed in recognition of the 19th-century missionary whose “Castle” became a prominent landmark in the area. It is said that the Hawaiian surfing legend and five-time Olympic medalist once carried a wave in 1917 for over a mile here. His statue now oversees the beach.

North Shore

Stock markets may fluctuate, but real estate along the North Shore only goes up. Home values along the downtown of surfing have increased by more than three hundred percent over the last five year period. Some of the most coveted neighborhoods communities for investments include Beach Parks, Waialua, Paalaa Kai, and Haleiwa. Even Surfer Mag has ranked Haleiwa as it’s No. 2 surfing spot nationally.

The Island of Maui

Jaws is rumored to have waves that reach hawaii-surfind-aquatic-animalsas high as 120 feet, with the reef break inaccessible until tow-in surfing. Even expert surfers find such waves hard to ride. Other than waves, the area is famous because the opening scene of the 007 movie “Die Another Day” was filmed here

Jaws has gained a reputation as the toughest surf spot in the state of Hawaii and exceptional windsurfing conditions in the world. The remote location means that serious injuries require helicopter rescue and transport. However, the area is gaining notoriety and development is picking up pace. Large parcels of water view land are now being sold as lots and interest in real estate is this region is high.

Ho’okipa Beach

Ho’okipa Beach is an area that is best left to professionals when it comes to surfing. However, there is no reason one can’t enjoy the festivities for the sidelines. The locality is also exceptional for windsurfing.

Hidden away approximately one mile north of the town of Paia is a tiny residential beach community with amazing view of Ho’okipa Beach Park. The area is known for gigantic tide pools that offer some fantastic swimming experience.

Ma’alaea Pipeline

hawaii-surfer-real-estateMa’alaea Pipeline hosts some of the world’s speediest waves that may be traversed. Even more beautiful sight is that of the migrating humpback whales from the tiny fishing village harbor. The native fauna and flora are a sight to see. Make sure to pack a waterproof camera to capture all the beautiful animals and landscapes!


There is a tiny residential community in Ma’alaea made up of some of the most highly coveted luxury homes and condos located along the coast of Maui. This region is known for the high-end mansions located on the coast. As the area is highly sought after, when a house goes on the market, many put in offers.

What’s your favorite spot to live in Hawaii? What’s the best-hidden surfer beach?