Fort Lauderdale: The Not So Hidden Gem of Southern Florida

The not so hidden gem of southern Florida-Fort Lauderdale is located on the Atlantic Coast, roughly 5 miles to the north of Miami. It was once a major attraction for the college crowd that ran amok and created chaos during their spring breaks; however with conscious efforts on the part of city officials its reputation has altered. It has been attracting a more sophisticated and mature, high society crowd since the 1980s.

The city’s wide-ranging network of canals, offer nautical recreation and is a major revenue earner for the city. The convention center is another big appeal which hosts about 30% of the city’s ten million annual visitors.

Booming Business in Fort Lauderdale

On the surface, it may appear that Fort Lauderdale is only good for the beach, partying and vacationing but it is a major job provider due to its large variety of business setups. It is a foremost center for manufacture and maintenance of yachts. The boating industry provides more than 109,000 jobs. Its close proximity to the Caribbean and the Bahamas along with many miles of canals, nearly 100 marinas and boatyards is a vacation stop for yacht enthusiasts. Lastly, it plays host to the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which brings with 125,000 visitors to the city every year.

fort-lauderdale-luxury-real-estateThe Olas Boulevard area of downtown Fort Lauderdale underwent major redevelopment in 2002 now boasts of many new chic condominium developments, gated communities, and high-end hotels. This chic Fort Lauderdale neighborhood boasts beautiful waterfront mansions that most often than not offer docks for your own private yacht. Las Olas is truly a boater’s dream. For more information regarding For Lauderdale’s luxury real estate neighborhoods contact the leading Fort Lauderdale real estate team, the Tim Elmes Group.

High-rise and office buildings in the downtown area include SunTrust Centre, 101 Tower, SouthTrust Tower and many others. Some of the many companies based in Fort Lauderdale include American Express, Motorola, and Tenet Healthcare which together offer employment to over 12,000 people.

Family Entertainment in Fort Lauderdale

fort-lauderdale-familyFort Lauderdale is an exceptional vacation spot for the young and old alike due to the large variety of entertainment possibilities it has to offer. The city was once given the name of “Fort Liquoredale” due to the large number of bars, nightclubs, and beaches it has. In addition to the nightlife other entertainment possibilities include many family friendly activities. It is a prominent choice amongst families living in Southern Florida due to its family friendly ambiance as well.

In addition to the nightlife other entertainment possibilities include many family friendly activities. It is a prominent choice amongst families living in Southern Florida due to its family friendly ambiance as well. Other interesting activities to partake in in Fort Lauderdale are:

Las Olas Boulevard: This is a downtown area perfectly situated close to the beach, the Hollywood International Airport and Port Everglades. It is acknowledged as Florida’s architecturally unique and most heterogeneous shopping and dining location. This luxurious street offers high-end shopping and delicious dining options.

Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop: The extra-large indoor/outdoor flea market and venue of the largest drive-in movie theater in the world, offering thirteen screens. It is a great way to spend a day with your family or friends. Rummaging through the entire area is a lot of fun as you never know what treasure you might find.

fort-lauderdale-family-entertainmentInternational Swimming Hall of Fame: This is
located on the Fort Lauderdale beach and is composed of a museum, theater a research library in addition to a large aquatic complex.

Everglades: No trip to the city is complete without a visit to the famous Everglades of Florida. There are numerous tours to choose from fitting all price ranges. It is a couple of hours away and definitely worth going. It is a stunning environmental ecosystem that teaches us about the wonders of mother nature.

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park: This 180 Acre Park with nature trails, camping sites and picnic areas also features exhibits about the park’s ecosystems. It’s a great outdoor activity.

Where would you recommend a first time visitor to visit? Do you live in Fort Lauderdale? How is it living in such a beautiful city? What is your favorite restaurant to dine in Fort Lauderdale? What other family friendly activities would you suggest? Tell us below!